Welcome to Craig Randall Creations

This website is a way for me to share my passion for unusual handmade items, props, decor and art all inspired by my love of adventure, fantasy, aviation and history.

Within these pages are projects from my past, present and even a few teasers about future ideas. Peruse through my portfolio, maybe something will peak your interest or even inspire you. This digital platform offers a way to share my creations with friends , family, colleagues and anyone with similar interests.  I hope you enjoy your visit to Craig Randall Creations. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments. Thank you for visiting!

Craig Randall Weinstein


A Project Memory

As WWII Weekend approaches at the Mid Atlantic Air Museum, I was reminded of a project I had done for a lounge located near Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. Designed to resemble a vintage WWII pilot’s lounge. The owner had a collection of newer aircraft parts and cowls that needed some artistry and paintwork to help convert…

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A Cast of Monkeys

Rounding out my tutorial chronicling the completion of these molds, below is a synopsis of simian proportions. Casting, assembling and finishing in brief detail. ¬† Castings Casting the parts begins with the selection of materials, calculations for volume, measuring, mixing and of course, pouring it into the mold. Smooth Cast resin was my choice for…

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Gold Monkey Idol

Having had a lot of interest pertaining to the steps necessary to create a project like this one, I’ve decided to delve into a simplified tutorial utilizing photos taken along the journey. Lets start from the beginning of this project. First came my scale sketches, It always helps to have good drawings to assist in…

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